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About Us


Bad Batch is a clothing brand based in Los Angeles, CA dedicated to crafting threads that are both minimal and meaningful.


We believe creatives are the chosen few destined to push society forward.


Creatives are the brave. Ready and willing to step out into the unknown...


Brave enough to forge a new path for their own dreams...


And giving enough to leave their legacy as a roadmap to those who were just as lost as they were...


Creators are the real heroes

But when the hero is there for everyone else who's there for them?


Our goal is to inspire artists, creatives, and visionaries to be themselves, breaking the mold of the cookie cutter life and following your path with purpose, meaning, and vision.


We champion breaking free from the ordinary and living a purpose-driven life..That is why our designs are unique pieces of art, not the generic, copy paste designs and templates you see all over instagram.


We aim to inspire artists, creatives, and visionaries to embrace their uniqueness and be their authentic selves.


We create original art inspired by figures like Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, and Andy Warhol, blending elements of high Renaissance art and a dark grunge retro aesthetic to foster a calm and reassuring atmosphere that ignites creative minds.


The future is in the hands of creators

So stay original 🌎